Event Schedule


Below is a sampling of our tours in 2020


Migratory Songbirds of Lahontan Valley - Mid-May is the peak of spring songbird migration through Fallon and the surrounding Lahontan Valley. This trip will concentrate on the observation of migratory songbirds in their most colorful and showy plumage including winter lingerers, passing migrants, and nesting-season arrivals. All other bird species encountered will be noted and observed as well. In a casual manner, your tour leader will share information on arrival and departure dates, migratory stopover sites, and other aspects of migration during this trip. A very thorough exploration of the cottonwood and willow, riparian habitat and adjacent fields and pastures along the Carson River in the vicinity of the Carson Diversion Dam will be the focus for the first several hours of this trip. With the time remaining, short visits will be made to one or more areas from among Indian Lakes Road (cemetery), S-Line Reservoir, Harmon Reservoir, the tall tree habitat along the road to Stillwater NWR, and Fallon NAS Nature Trail. Areas not visited by participants on other Spring Wings trips will receive priority.


Wood Ducks Along the Carson River.  Join us as we begin the morning along portions of the Carson River checking Wood Duck nest boxes for the season’s newest arrivals.  We’ll be joined by USFWS waterfowl biologist Chris Nicolai, who has led this 17-year project in partnership with University of Nevada Reno, Nevada Waterfowl Association, and Nevada Department of Wildlife who will discuss Wood Duck ecology and current research being conducted in Western Nevada.  We’ll join him as he checks nest boxes on land belonging to Norm Frey, and if we are lucky, we’ll have the opportunity to see young Wood Duck ducklings up close as Chris bands the birds as part of his research.  We’ll continue the remainder of the tour to various hot spots to see what we can discover migrating through the valley.


Stillwater NWR and Carson Lake Tours (2 separate tours) - The wetland areas contained within Stillwater NWR and Carson Lake are designated Internationally Important Bird Areas along the Pacific Flyway.  See shorebirds such as American Avocet, Black-necked Stilt, Long-billed Dowitcher, White-faced Ibis, terns, and waterfowl.  The presence of songbirds and raptors can also be seen in the area.  There are 3 viewing platforms at Carson Lake and a wildlife viewing area at Stillwater NWR.


Beginning Birder Tours –This tour is perfect for those who would like to know more about why birding is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States right now.  Your leaders will show you how to identify our local avian species “on the fly”, as well as how to use a guidebook.   We will take you to some of the area “hot spots” that you will be able to revisit at your leisure and hone your skills.  Soon, you too, will be one of the many local birding enthusiasts.  We will provide binoculars and a number of guidebooks to use on the trips.



Hot Spots Tours - These tours (when available) take you to some of the birding hot spots in the area.  These shorter, unscheduled tours are designed to provide birding time at locations that the other tours have reliably seen birds. They are “Leader’s Choice” and transportation is provided. Great for folks who are new to birding and would like to “sample” a field trip. Tours are first come, first serve, and provided when a leader and a few attendees are available.


What to Bring

May in Nevada can be unpredictable.  Prepare for all conditions!  For those heading out on tours, bring rain gear, waterproof footwear and layers of warm clothing.  Sensible shoes for all tours please!!   A lunch is advised for all tours that will extend through mealtime, unless otherwise noted.  Binoculars, scopes, field guides and other birding essentials are advised.


Cancellation and Refund Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any event or tour for any reason.  You will receive a full refund for any paid event that has been canceled.  You may cancel your tour registration and receive a full refund if you cancel prior to May 5th.  Sorry, no refunds after May 5th, or for no shows.




Tours are taken at your own risk.  All possible safety precautions will be taken by festival organizers and tour leaders. Please follow all instructions as provided.

PHOTOGRAPHY WARNING  This is a public event and many people will be taking photos. We do not restrict photographs at any of the events, including the children’s activities. Your child may be photographed if participating.